The State of YouTube Today – End of an era of YOU tube.

Hello my childrenssssss of the world. Its Momma! Did you miss me cause I sure have missed you.

Remember when YouTube was about the content creators and not about the content channel “brand”?

Remember when we have the person creating the video and it wasn't funded by corporations?

Remember when we know when are are watching it was about the opinion of the creator?

Remember when we watched because we like to know the point of view of that person holding the camera?

Remember when no one was making money on YouTube?

Well as Momma of the World, I remember. Today we got a lot of people on YouTube because it is their JOB. And you know Momma. I love JOBS more than anyone. Even as I'm writing this. This is my JOB. I think we need to acknowledge that the childrenssss I been raising have grown up and new childrensssss have come into their place.

End of an era is not a sad thing. Its mean we have evolved. Just always know I will always be Momma of the World and YOU will always be my CHILDRENSSSSS OF THE WORLD.

The YouTube today is a shell of its formal glory as original content creator has moved away to more sure thing position and not in the control and censorship of mega corporations that is the OPPOSITE of the origin of the platform. We seek out online platform for the outside point of view and not the mainstream media we could get from tradition content feed.

This leads to me fully transition out of the grip of YouTube and established my own little space in this part of the internet.

End of an era means the new era is coming or already came. This is the new Era. A new Day. A new future.

I hope you will come along with me and join the journey for short and long and everything in between. I will keep writing or typing as long as I have a raised platform. Knowing that we are part of a evolution, part of history. Part of something we have yet know.

And always remember, momma luvs you.

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