Ever feel like you can't eat cause couture is too tight? Or that couturier made you gain weight with all the measurements? Hai. I'm Jacquelyn Hsieh and I'm the inventor of elastic. No I didnt invent it but since we are at an age of kimonos meaning nude elastic support garments and Kim.k is trademark everything not understanding that we been wearing fabric since like literal thousands of years and so I'm trademarking elastic support for my new peasant collection. These skirts will give you tight hug and also lots of fabric cause you deserve it! Peasants needs couture too. But these are rtw so dont come at me. I will fight you. Where was I? Oh yes. These skirts and pants #diversity will have at least 30* meters of materials. For the non fashion that means it's still very*whispers*expensive. They will come in all sizes as we cater to everyone as we are a haute couture house without the pretensions of a white French woman but a Asian sweatshop worker who will cuss you out if you dont appreciate the work but you know all that abuse is worth it cause honey its basically at cost cause peasants needs couture too. Oh i said that already. I'm also running for president empress of emperor of Canada drag race 2020. Jking I'm just a lowly seamstress Asian sweatshop worker who knows her place. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 link in bio. Join email list. Subscribe and like and comment. New era is coming soon. Peasant revolution 2019. Again. Link in bio. But its jackhsiehdotca 🥰

*fabric may vary per design but you best bet your money that it's going to be a lot of fabric cause we are not about that not EXTRA LIFE.

Let your couture life begin today or when you order. Well when you can order online when I actually launch it. Remember I'm original hawt mess local asian sweatshop worker that has very expensive stuff to sell. 🥺🥺🤴🤷‍♀️💃💅🍑 link in what? Bio. Biohazard.

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