Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Launch Live Transcript.

O hai. Welcome to my channel. This is hosted by your host. Momma Of The World / Momma Knows Bestest with this evenings we are talking about the importance of silk scarf. Link in bio. Get your credit cards ready. It won't sell out cause we are here when you are ready. No pressure sale cause let's be real luxury rarely go on sale. And Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House is just got here. Top 4 baby!!! Legal said I need to say top 18 cause like #humble but you know I'm number one tho cause Couturier is 🤴👸🙊💩🥬🥰 okay let's get to the show. Launch is happening soon. It already happened? Oh okay. It happened. Go link. Okay chat later. I will be here all night taking orders. Cause you deserve it. Have one more drink. Have one more luxury. Live a little. Celine dion just came out with her new album. I mean #stay. 😘😘😘😘😘 #jackhsiehcouturier

Jack Hsieh dot ca is link you know what to do. Mobile friendly. App coming soon. It's hard being a internet momma but I have to forced fed mah childrensssss. Cause remember. Momma luvs you. Always. #safespace transcript available.

3 sizes. 6 color way. Buy one of each. At this economy you can't afford not to. Financing is available. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

No one:
Absolutely no one:
YouTuber: sold out.


Anyways. We never sell out. Think of us like costco of haute couture. Think of us as your local power house haute couture house that never leaves. Cause o hai. I'm here to help. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Jack Hsieh Couturier Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House paid sponsorship.

I go live soon but if you think about it. I'm always live. Check me boo. Jack Hsieh dot ca cause proudly Canadian bred. eh. Lol I can speak maple syrup. I'm very fluent in timmy and double double. I forget where I'm sometimes. Is this French? Oui oui. Ahahah #international momma of the world not momma of the Canada.....like hello I'm for everyone. But I'm just a simple country girl.

Link in somewhere or google me. I'm on Google. Yellow pages. Yelp. Instagram. Shopify. Myspace. Amazon. Alibaba. Twitch. YouTube. I'm influencer drama queen channel. But also asmr unboxing. Nails cause I'm just versatile. I still audition cause humbling when you meet the people that never met me. Such refreshing thoughts. 🙊💅 I'm screaming and streaming. Cause I'm 1337 n00bs. Jking that's gamer speak for go buy silk online. Luxury is the game silk is the prize. It fold up just like plastic but not. You know? A luxury look alike is not luxury like rhinestone will never be diamond and not should it. Everything is beautiful. World peace. Find zen. Find silk scarf. And wrap yourself in luxury. Did I say luxury? I hope Artificial intelligence get this. I'm a luxury company unban me. Send in complains for me please. I'm being bullied by drag queens and facebook and Instagram. 💩🥬 squashed cabbage leads has rights too!!!!


Here we have a purple colorway. I always love a purple. #silk #linkinbio #ohai #howareyou #didyoumissme #onlinelivenow #hopeyouarewell 

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Launch Purple

We also take cash. Cause we are versatile like that. Swipe. Insert. Slide. Rain. Hail. We take them in any forms as long as you give me everything you got. Dont need tips but buy more. I want you get all the bang for your buck. Keep in mind all price is usd base. Please change to cad and other currency. We love economy we love America.  world peace. We all just want silk. Nature silk. Its god blessed. You can feel the god within. Circle prayer. Chanting. Life is important. Link in bio. Yes. We are making religious garb. Ceremony collection coming. We will update you.

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Here we got red color way. This is very very popular. But everyone want to take the red queen home. Now you can own one yourself. This is low in quantity. Not saying dont buy this. But if you are new. Start here. If you are little advanced you can try some that is coming up. You can view all options online. We are doing live unboxing. Please take your time. Make your choices wisely. This is an investment for beauty and you can not rush beauty. How lucky are we to be able to purchase such luxury. Life is wonderful. Momma live please follow link. This is a transcript.

This post is sponsored by your local private petite haute couture factory Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Couturier

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Red

I mean how can we not love a peach. Fruit or other. This is for those times you want to not be bothered and blend in. Not everyone want to stand out and not everyone wants to blend in. At Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House we are all about including everyone. All walks of life. We are here to serve. We are here to help you feel fabulously you. We were here celebrating beauty. Culture. The arts. The life line. And thank you for the support. This is newest look. Skin tone peach is so versatile. Use it as a sweat dabbing or for applying make up to protect your garments from all the creams and make up. And its completely washable! Yes! You do not need to dry cleaning this. Its 100% silk fiber so you will have longevity even if you abuse it. You can bet money on it. I mean its Jack Hsieh Couturier. We do not play around when comes to luxury. Feel it to believe it. But 2nd best is to trust a good sales girl. We are always hiring. Sell luxury earn luxury.

This post is sponsored by Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Peach

Gimme money money green!!!!! I live for green. This is colour is colour of go. Zoom zoom. Get them evergreen content here. I love it but definitely dont wear it on set cause it messes everyone up but so fabulous in real life. I love a green on beauty people. This is my one of my favorite as it looks so good with peach as a combo. Or works well with red and purple earlier. It's such a good combo colour. Brings out the beauty of others while holding it's own. Like I love bring green indoors. It's like one with nature. One with mother nature. Isnt mother nature a strong powerful all mighty being? Oh life. We are limited in this as most have been pre ordered. But worry not. We will never sell out. We own all supply change. Its fabulous owning everything. Link in bio. Dont need to rush. Order carefully as we dont have imagine up on site so please make sure your order is correct and not missed by rushing. All options available right now. We are just doing live unboxing. Thank you for consistent support. I'm here consistently giving you content. Happy to be here.

This is sponsored by Jack Hsieh Couturier Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House your local Canada only haute couture House catering to masses. Our doors are open by appointment. 🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Green

She sells sea shell by the sea shore. I mean everyone know when in doubt bet on blue. Its common sense. This is one of our best seller. It's such a highly demand colours. I mean blue Jean's is #international for a reason. I love all the shades you get. Like why stop at one when you can have the whole collection of blue. You can not go wrong with this. Its absolutely fabulous purchase. I mean royal love this colour for a reason. Its divine. It's really our great humanity achievement that we are able to harness this colour and being it to life and give such vibrancy. Yes we offer beading add ons. Its extra charge but you know the drill. Extra is extra. Fact is fact. But it's worth it if you can. We also do silk stitching for those want double faces. Its fabulous effect and give you thicccc feel if you like that fullness.

This post is sponsored by Jack Hsieh Couturier Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House even royalty needs #hautecouture #jackhsiehcouturier order online. Stay home. Let luxury come to you. Link in bio.

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Blue

Okay I been told I can offer a suprise. What's the surprise? Well. I guess if I tell you, you won't be surprised? Okay only limited surprise pack is available. Link will be released tomorrow. Omg. Are we doing a double launch?! I can not believe it. #surprisedpikachu okay we are wrapping up our live feed. Thank you for coming. Thank you for the support. You can buy them online 247365. We are here to services your luxury needs. I will see you tomorrow when we launch our surprises listing. Website is very stable and orderly. 😘💅👸🤴🤳🥬 thank you for witnessing this launch. I worked very hard to services everyone. 🤗🤗🤗🤗I just want to say. Good night and I see you here tomorrow for surprise. It's like xmas came early. Thank you. So much. God blessed. Longevity is life. I will see you soon. And remember momma luvs you.

This post is sponsored by Jack Hsieh Couturier Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House Jack Hsieh Haute Couture House

Hsieh Signature Silk Scarf Surprise

Online shopping is fun right? I love online shopping it's like a wish list that comes true in time. 🤗 link in bio. More silk coming. Love the launch. Love the chats. Live the life. Jack Hsieh dot ca simple.

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