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Welcome to House of Hsieh. 

We here at Jack Hsieh Couturier to provide you with the finest couture pieces fit for a museum or as we like to call it rich people storage room.

We understand that sometimes you don't want to fit in with the crowd but you also don't want to look like a poorly dresses clown. If you are going to be a clown we will make sure you are best dresses clown in town. #couture #PRWW

Our staff of highly trained seamstresses and tailors are lead by Jacquelyn Hsieh, the owner and founder of Jack Hsieh Couturier, she saw a missing market in Vancouver for well made truly custom pieces that are timeless and detailed work of art down to the millimetre. 

With Jacquelyn over 15 years of industry experience and on top of the decades of her team, there is nothing we can't make for you in-house. You are able to see how a true couturier at work. As the process of idea to design fitting to last stitch and trim will all be scrutinized for perfection. 

We here at Jack Hsieh Couturier also understand that not everyone can afford our custom couture designs. So we are happy to extend our services for alterations and sewing production for individual brands that need highly trained seamstress and tailor to help produce their own collection.  Our Brand vision is to provide the highest sewing services may it be couture designs to simple hem job. We here demand the best sewing for all.