"I had Jacquelyn tailor an awful bridesmaid dress for me that I thought would look awful even if it fit properly, but it actually looked amazing when she was done with it, and it fit perfectly. She has also made me some of my favourite swimsuits that are significantly more flattering than any other swimwear I’ve tried. She really knows how to accentuate the best features on a body. I highly recommend her!"

Emily R

"I've used Jack Hsieh Couturier for years for both alterations and repairs. I've brought in multiple pants that I wore through while biking. Despite big holes, the pants were fixed and actually look better than before. Prices are fair, turnaround is quick, and the work is top notch!"

Jacob S

"Jacquelyn’s work is professional, precise and detailed to perfection. She can make, remake, or fit any sewn or tailored item that you may desire and it will make you ( and everyone around you) look fabulous!!"

January W

"Unparalleled quality, service and technical ability - best tailor! thank you!"


"After years of struggling with clothes never fitting right, as well as negative experience with tailors, I am so glad to have found Jacquelyn, who explained to me (going from her many years of working in the alterations industry) that it's not me that's the problem but rather the fact that off-the-shelf clothes practically don't fit well on most people. I had two of my existing shirts that I was somewhat attached to altered by Jacquelyn and they fit amazing now. I even ordered a bespoke shirt that I can't wait to receive, knowing that it is going to fit absolutely amazing once it's done! Prices may not be the cheapest in town, but the quality speaks for itself."

Jess C

"Jack Hsieh Couturier are AMAZING and I had a blast coming in to see Jacquelyn for fittings. Jacquelyn did a PERFECT job on my dinner jacket! It fits like a glove and it made me feel like James Bond at my awards night! :)
I wasn't hopeful that anyone could convert an 80's style dinner jacket into a stylish contemporary perfectly fitting jacket. You did it! Thank you for the fantastic work."

Gino P

"I get compliments on everything Jack’s ever made or altered for me, because it actually fits and is flattering! As a larger size woman, she's saved me from clothing seppuku on many occasions. The formal stuff she's made for me is lovely, but it's the daily wear that she's altered for me - like gym clothes, and work dresses - that's been the real game changer. Also, it's just fun to go see her! She's also great with suggestions to improve and alter a piece of clothing I might love but doesn't quite fit."

Lolanda M