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Alteration Services

Jack Hsieh Couturier

Alteration Services


Regular Pant Hem $15

with Lining:$20

with Lining and Cuff:$25

with Zipper: Ask for Quote

Original Jean Pants Hem:$20

Take in Jacket $85 & up

Shorten Sleeve $85 & Up

Shorten Hem of Jacket: $150 & Up

Take in Dress: $85 & Up

Hem Shorten Dress: $65 &up

Reline Garments: $750 Plus Materials

Take in Shirt: $35 & Up

Shorten Shirt Sleeve: $35 & Up

Patch Crotch: $20 & Up

Replace Button: $5 &up

Consultation fee If not use service: $35 Per Visit

Offer Full-Service Alterations. If services not listed above please send us an email for a quote.